The Wise Woman Way

Many many moons ago I studied with Susun S. Weed, noted American Herbalist, who has devoted her life to reviving the earth-based herbal traditions using food as medicine and herbs as food.

Nourishment is at the root of The Wise Woman Way and is a context for using the herbs that grow around you in a simple, safe, and effective way. Mothers grandmothers and midwives have traditionally been the keepers of these fundamental ways but there occurred a break in the tradition. The Wise Woman apprentices are reconnecting to our ancient sacred heritage and we want to bring you along too (click here for more info on the Wise Woman Tradition).

Sometimes, in addition to deep nourishment from wholesome & herbal foods, we need more powerful herbs that are specific medicinal plant allies to treat acute or entrenched chronic conditions. The combination of deep nourishment from wholesome foods and the power of plant medicines seeks to support the body’s natural inclination for balance and healing.

There are conditions that require very powerful intervention to stop and reverse a disease process. This requires commitment, consistency, diligence, support and courage to trust the healing process. Wisdom understands that there are many ways and means to aid recovery and we use all tools available with discrimination, starting with the simplest first and working our way up to more powerful and sometimes invasive treatments if need be.

The Wise Woman Way is a tradition that truly embraces wholistic health by empowering SELF to be the expert, the healer, the seeker of truth and enlightenment. Our health challenges can be guides for spiritual growth, so we seek to heal in a wholesome way on a very deep cellular level.

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