The Six Steps

The Six Steps

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The Wise Woman tradition offers self-healing options as diverse as the human imagination and as complex as the human psyche. How confusing! We need a way to cut through the confusion and decide which option to use when. The Six Steps of Healing, are a hierarchy based on the concept: "First do no harm."

The Six Steps of Healing

Step 0: Do Nothing 

Step 1: Collect Information 

Step 2: Engage the Energy 

Step 3: Nourish and Tonify 

Step 4: Stimulate & Sedate 

Step 5: Use Drugs 

Step 6: Break & Enter

The Six Steps Explained:

0. Do nothing is obvious, sometimes things resolve on their own. How long to do nothing? It may be seconds, minutes, days, weeks, depending on the situation.

1. Collect information about the situation. The current situation, symptoms, history, and of course, options, given the above info.

2. Engage the Energy in a number of ways. Meditation, prayer, chanting, Qigong, even hypnosis. 

3. Nourish and Tonify with wholesome foods and nourishing herbs that will give the body the food and medicine to heal and restore function.

4. Stimulate & Sedate with strong medicinal herbs, massage, yoga, cranial sacral, chiropractic and osteopathic adjustments.

5. Use Drugs after the above have been exhausted or if you’re dealing with an emergency and it’s the only way to stabilize.

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6. Break & Enter encompasses anything that breaks the natural protective barriers, so this would include surgery, x-rays, acupuncture, and bee venom therapy.

A Wise Woman will use the Six Steps of Healing as a Guide when dealing with a health issue. She will go through the steps at a pace that is appropriate for the situation. Some steps may be only for a short period of time, others may require a long commitment. This does help put things in perspective as to what is required right now, and for how long, and if more is needed, what is the next step?

This article features excerpts from: "Spirit and Practice of the Wise Woman Tradition" by Susun S. Weed (© 2001). Read the full article at:

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