Bee Well Holistic Health - Apitherapy, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement, and Herb Therapy

Many challenges are part of the life experience with aging, illness, and injuries. How we handle these changes determines our quality of life. We can flow with the maturation process gracefully by maintaining optimal hormonal balance and eating wholesome foods and the unexpected ailments & traumas can be alleviated with Nature’s apothecary and deep nourishment.

As an advocate of Medical Freedom (the freedom to choose from a wide range of treatment options, rather than just what the dictating syndicate offers), I am sharing info, resources, & experience to support wholistic choices which promote true healing with the use of authentic medicine. My expertise with herbs, apitherapy and bio-identical hormones comes from a lifetime of experience, research, and knowledge about these self-empowering modes of healing.

Modern medicine may be effective for treatment of acute, life threatening conditions, but when it comes to chronic illness, it fails us miserably. We are in a crucial time now because a category of disease-causing organisms known as stealth pathogens are the cause of Lyme and the known co-infections. These organisms have sophisticated mechanisms to evade the immune system and the very outdated tests currently in use. This has put us in a critical situation with Lyme Disease which is now a pandemic. The exponential growth of Lyme Disease and all the misdiagnosed conditions - Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Fatigue, Lupus, ALS, & more, has become a global issue. Throwing antibiotics at Chronic Lyme has only strengthened some of these organisms into “superbugs”. The CDC’s official denial of Chronic Lyme has been devastating to those afflicted and their families - resulting in loss of life, crippling disabilities, financial ruin, and social stigmatization. We must educate ourselves to fill in the gaps left by our medical system with regards to testing, diagnosis, and treatment.

I want to assist people to help themselves, so if you are ready to take control of your life and health, informed wholistic choices will lead to self empowerment. We can regain or maintain excellent health for an outstanding quality of life that allows for creativity, positive expression, and dynamic vitality.

Lari Manz, Founder, Bee Well Holistic Health

About Lari Manz,
Founder of Bee Well Holistic Health

Lari is the mother of three children, for whom she served as the primary health care giver. Her two youngest children were raised without antibiotics or vaccines. Many years ago, Lari cured herself of chronic lyme with herbs and bee products. Now, having battled with a second bout of chronic lyme disease for several years, Lari is currently undergoing bee venom therapy and sharing her experiences with others. She has also been using bioidenticals for twelve years and credits hormone replacement therapy with maintaining a youthful vibrance and energy. In addition, Lari studied herbology and is an accomplished herbalist.

Lari lives in the Hudson Valley region of New York. She is the owner of Lari Manz Hair & Makeup.